Pets on Parade is an online pet show which the Rotary Club of Torquay is running to raise funds to help End Trachoma in Australia
Australia is the world's only developed country with trachoma.
Trachoma is an infectious eye disease that can be prevented with good hygiene practices. But it is still present in remote Aboriginal communities and can lead to permanent blindness.
Prevention is the focus of End Trachoma. Help us to End Trachoma.

Cutest cat

Name: Rupert
Best attribute: Very talkative and loyal
Entered by: Alfie
Name: Max 
Age: Almost 20 years old
Best attribute: "At my age I can sit on any lap I choose"
Entered by: Jan Emmett
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Pets in Action

Video of your pet in action. Keep it short - no more than 30 seconds please.
Name: Chloe
Best attribute: Loves knitting
Entered by: Margaret McPherson
Name: Ruby 
Best attributes: easily entertained
Entered by: Ruby Kourkoumeli
Name: Ryder
Age: 3
Best attribute: Frisbee catching
Entered by: Kristie Turner
Name: Jed
Best attribute: Playing hide and seek
Entered by: Mitchell and Tyler Clifford
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Funniest dog

Name: Albert
Age: 5
Best attribute: Likes singing (photo), cuddles,treats & new people
Entered by: Suzie Farthing
Name: Holly
Best attribute: Party Girl
Entered by: Stephen Symons
Name: Chloe
Best attribute: Loves knitting
Entered by: Margaret McPherson

Golden oldie dog

Name: Macy
Age: 12 years
Best attribute: Happiest & friendliest dog on the Surf Coast - often found zig zagging along Torquay beaches to make sure she greets everyone!
Entered by Carolyn Chalton
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Best non traditional pet

Name: Jazz
Age: 10 years
Best attribute: Great with her kids & loves to smile "BIG" for the camera
Entered by Judy Beasley
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Best friends

Names: Ruby & Reggie
Best attributes: Gorgeous eyes
Entered by: Ruby Kourkoumelis
Names: Gus & Yoda
Best attributes: Good listeners
Entered by: Lisa Wilson
Names: Missy & Benji
Best attributes: Smiles a lot, makes me feel happy. Talks a lot and loves cuddles
Entered by: Missy Gleeson (6)
Name: Albert & Freya
Best attribute: keeping toasty by the fire, I'm not really ignoring you!
Entered by: Vivienne Harris
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How to enter your pet
  1. Make a donation of a minimum of $5 on Trybooking
  2. Email with the entry form completed or the information required including an image of your pet as either a JPG or PNG file or a video if entering for Action Pets.
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