Help Rotary Club of Torquay to raise funds to End Trachoma in 2020

Australia is the world's only developed country with trachoma, an infectious eye disease that can be prevented with good hygiene practices. The World Health Organisation has a global goal to eliminate trachoma by 2020. Trachoma is still present in remote Aboriginal communities and can lead to permanent blindness.

Hurry.  Entries closed on Monday 30 November.  Winners announced on 14 December.

100 Toiletry kits for children in the Northern Territory

Our goal is to raise enough funds to put together 100 Toiletry Kits for children in the N.T. which will help to stop trachoma from spreading between children. 
You can help us by making a donation and sending us an image of your favourite pet. There are some great prizes to be won including a free vet consultation, a doggie hamper, gift vouchers and more.
Read more about the Toiletry kits here and about the Rotary project to End Trachoma by 2020.

Cutest cat

Name: Max
Age: 18 - 88 (human) years
Best attribute: doing well for 88 yo
Names: Too young to have names 
Age: 4 weeks
Best attribute: Too young to get into trouble
Name: Misty
Age: 9 months
Best attribute: Very intelligent

Action cat

Funniest dog

Name: Poppy
Age: 8 weeks
Best attribute: Soooo cute
Name: Bailey
Age: 15 months
Best Attribute: Energy + Sass
Name: Ryder
Age: 3 years
Best Attribute: My bed is too small Mum!
Name: Molly
Age:2 years
Best attrubute: 'Look at me. Look at me'
Name: Aspen
Age: 14 months
Best attribute: Happy Halloween
Name: Evie the Hungarian Viszla
Age: 4 months
Best attribute: It was not me and if it was it was an accident!
Age: 5 years
Best attribute: Loves birthdays
Best attribute: The world looks great from here
Age: 6 months
Best attribute: I'm the boss
Name: Murray
Age: 2 Years
Best attribute: What did you do to deserve this?
Name: Murray
Age: 2 years
Best attribute: "Okay so its for the labradors, but whippets kiss best"
Name: Murray
Age: 2 years
Best attribute: Compliance (not)? "So this is covid?"
Name: Penny
Age: 2 years
Best attribute: Hoovering. "The crumbs under the couch were delicious, why do you ask?"
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Golden oldie dog

Name: Tuppence
Age: 10 years
Best attribute: Jealousy
Name: scruffy
Age: 13 years
Best attribute: Still helping out at the workshop
Name: Bridie
Age: 11 years
Best attribute: Motherly love
Name: Sian
Age: 15 years
Best attribute: Healthy appetite
Name: Abbey
Age: 11 years
Best attribute: Happy with great smiles

Best non traditional pet

Name: Bluey
Age: 2 years
Best attribute: Cheeky, funny and has a passion for eating snails!

Best friends

Names: Evie & Callum
Age: 13 years
Best attribute: Compassion
Names: Evie & Emily
Age: 13 years
Best attribute: Compassion
Names: Joe & Sandy
Ages: 6 and 3 years
Best attribute: They look out for each other
Names: Floyd & Rosie
Ages: 5 & 6 years
Best attributes: love cuddles
Names: Maverick & Ava
Age: 10 years
Best attribute : eating rocks = major surgery $$$$$
Name: Molly and friend
Best attribute: Kissy kissy
Name: Millie
Age: 12 years
Best attribute: Besties forever
Names: Matilda and Des
Ages: 12 and 17
Best attributes: Matilda is the most intelligent dog ever abd Des ... not so much! And always best friends.
Names: Toga and Nugget
Ages: 10 an d11
Best attribute: Loving their human unconditionally
Names: Helen and Buddy B
Age: buddy is 6 years
Best attributes: Buddy loves his food.
Names: Helen and Buddy B
Age: buddy is 6 years
Best attributes: Buddy - "Oh what a beautiful morning"
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Thank you to our sponsors for your generous support. 

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Entries close on 30 November

To enter your pet simply send an image (JPG or PNG), and tell us:
  1. Pet's name
  2. Pet's age
  3. Pet's best attribute
Choose one category from:
Dogs - Funniest or Golden Oldie
Cats - Cutest or Action Cat
Best non traditional pet
Best friends
Image size - 378 px wide x 446 px high
Email the details and image to and make a donation of $5 or more using this link or the button below.
By submitting an image you agree the image provided can be used by the Rotary Club of Torquay on their digital platforms including website and social media for the purposes of promoting Rotary and raising funds.