Sometimes being a volunteer brings surprises.
As the Rotary District 9780 representative for End Trachoma over the years many Clubs were involved in producing hygeine bags which were delivered to school children in Northern Territory.
Part of the program has been collecting used stamps which have raised over $30K for a water trailer.
Thank you to the Rotarians and friends for collecting used stamps and contributing to the Rotary Club of Torquay's collection which PP Michael Reed delivered to me on Friday.
An amazing 275 old hearing aids were also delivered. These will be delivered to a business in Melbourne which refurbishes hearing aids and provides them to disadvantaged people (many are indigenous) in Australia.
Thanks you to Michael Reed, the Rotary Club of Torquay and everyone else involved in the collection. Reflect on how something so simple as collecting an old hearing aid or a used stamp can provide a significant improvement on the quality of life of disadvantaged people in Australia.