Thank you for helping Rotary Club of Torquay to raise funds to End Trachoma in 2020

Here are the winners of our Pets on Parade event.

Cutest cat

Name: Misty
Age: 9 months
Best attribute: Very intelligent
Entered by Bruce Smith

Action cat

Name: Paddy
Best attribute: Ho hum ... after a hard night's ratting the days can be quite boring
Entered by Graham Bailey

Funniest dog

Name: Tatts
Best attribute: Bad hair day!
Entered by Karenne Clarke

Golden oldie dog

Name: Macy
Age: 12 years
Best attribute: Happiest & friendliest dog on the Surf Coast - often found zig zagging along Torquay beaches to make sure she greets everyone!
Entered by Carolyn Chalton

Best non traditional pet

Name: Jazz
Age: 10 years
Best attribute: Great with her kids & loves to smile "BIG" for the camera
Entered by Judy Beasley

Best friends

Names: Floyd & Rosie
Ages: 5 & 6 years
Best attributes: Love cuddles
Entered by Lorraine Sullivan

Thank you to our sponsors for your generous support. 

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