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Club Assembly
Kithbrooke Park
Jul 24, 2023
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Landcare Plantings
Jul 25, 2023
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Christmas in July 2023
Jul 31, 2023
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
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Lesley Shedden
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President's Message
Philip Beasley
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Presidents Report 20/07/2023

Last Monday I had the opportunity to visit Torquay Community House with Robyn O’Loughlin, primarily to check out their meeting room facilities prior to the RCOT Board meeting later that night.
We met with TCH Coordinator Prue Challis who in addition to setting us up for the meeting and cook’s tour, spoke about her vision for TCH and the services offered to our community. More about this later in the year when Prue joins us at a dinner meeting as our guest.

RCOT Board Meeting

We had a busier than expected first Board meeting for the year primarily setting us up for the year ahead. The items discussed included:
· Child Safe Policy
· Code of Conduct
· Preparation for DG’s Visit 14th August
· Club Assembly – Next Meeting 24th August
· Public Image and PIT Crew
· Fundraising and Sponsorship
I will give a brief report next Monday night and ask the Directors to give a brief update at future meetings on activity in their area of focus.

DG Ian McKay’s Visit

Preparations are underway for the DG’s Visit. The Club will invite representatives from the different community groups to attend the evening. Each of our Directors will provide an update on our current and future programs and projects. This evening is a partner night, so please come along to enjoy the occasion.

Club Assembly – Next Meeting 24th August @ Kithbrooke

This is an important meeting to set the club up for the year ahead. We will sit in our committees and determine what we would like to achieve in the year(s) ahead.
I will circulate by separate email last years committee list for your reference.

Motor Show

PE Bruce will chair the initial planning meeting next week to kick things off for our next Motor Show on 11th and 12th February 2024. Stay tuned for future updates.

Create Hope in the World

Phil Beasley


Environment Update - Plastic Soup

Last Tuesday evening PP Maggie “zoomed in” on the Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group online seminar titled ‘End Plastic Soup’.
I am certain that Maggie will engage with us about this important environmental issue.
Please check out this link for further information:

Feeling Hungry??

Checkout this YouTube clip, titled “Plastic Soup – the biggest soup in the world”
PP Maggie

Community Service and BBQs

Thank you to Club members who have already indicated an interest in being members of the Community Service Committee but we can always use more assistance and input, please let me know if you would like to be involved in this committee.
Following many years of the BBQs being managed by Mal Slater, who is taking a well-deserved break, organisation of our BBQs will be in the capable hands of Richard Hawker. Richard will be supported by a small group that can assist as required with recruiting volunteers, publishing rosters or monitoring and maintaining the trailer. If you are willing to help in this area (no need to be a member of the Community Service Committee) can you also please let me know.
On behalf of the club I would like to express our thanks and appreciation for the many hours of work Mal has put into all of the Club’s BBQ activities.
There has been a good response to my recent call for volunteers to assist with upcoming activities and I will publish a roster for each event closer to the date to avoid the need to make too many changes. Please check the lists below for current volunteers.
  1. Bunnings BBQ, Sunday 13th August: We need more volunteers here to adequately staff the BBQ and ensure we have a couple of emergencies waiting in the wings. Linda Neale, John Oswald, Lesley Shedden, Margaret McPherson, Michael Reed, Bruce Turner
  2. Recycle Shed at the Anglesea Transfer Station, Sunday 20th August: Thank you this is fully staffed.  Gerard Hogan, Chrissy Sims, Linda Neale, Gerard McNamara, Margaret McPherson, Bruce Turner, Michael Reed (emergency)
Bruce Turner

Cross Egypt Challenge - An invitation from the Rotary Club of AlexCosmo - District 2451

The members and the board of the Rotary Club of Alexandria Cosmopolitan - District 2451 would like to extend a warm invitation to you and the members of your club to join our Rotary organized initiative, "Cross Egypt Challenge" that will take you in a unique journey throughout Egypt this October.
Cross Egypt Challenge is an international cross-country motorcycle and scooter adventure tour conducted throughout the majestic and fascinating Egypt. This amazing Rotary project started in 2011 for the purpose of promoting tourism to Egypt, and for the past 11 years, Rotarians and riders from over 50 countries took part in this unique and amazing challenge.
The 2023 season of Cross Egypt Challenge will start on October 6, last for 10 days and will pass by Egypt's top attractions and off the beaten track destinations including Sinai, Luxor, the Red Sea Riviera and the Egyptian Eastern Desert. Participation is open for Rotarians and non-rotarians and their accompanying spouses or friends from around the globe. People who do not ride motorcycles or scooters can also join this amazing adventure and be hosted in air-conditioned chase vans. Cross Egypt Challenge provides a very rewarding and challenging experience for participants from around the globe as it combines the best of adventure travels and extreme sports.
A normal practice we are used to conduct during Cross Egypt Challenge is an annual "Sahara Rotary Meeting" where participating Rotarians along with Rotaracts from our organizing team conduct an official Rotary meeting in the Egyptian Desert – please view the attached image -, a practice that we happily repeat at each new season.
We are happy to invite you, and the members of your club to join or support this amazing project and adventure by:
  • Join the tour this October, be it on a scooter, on a motorcycle or in our chase vans and enjoy a once in a life-time experience (a motorcycle and scooter rental option is available for international participants). Direct link to the registration application which can be completed in 5 minutes is:
  • Share the news about Cross Egypt Challenge with other fellow Rotarians and friends and invite those motorcycle riders you know to ride in this season’s tour.
For more information or cost of participation, or to register, please visit our website: or our Facebook page: can also download a copy of Cross Egypt Challenge brochure with all season information, pricing, routes, etc..  from this link: DOWNLOAD

Project to Redevelop Classrooms at Lese Oalai village school PNG

The Rotary Australia World Community Service website at is our donor page.
As an aside, Lucy received the following message re our project from the Governor of the Gulf Province Chris Haiveta
Thank you, Sis, for your tireless efforts to Assist our village over the years through the foundation.
I am committed to supporting you and the foundation as you prepare to widen your coverage on critical issues.
We are working with a couple NGOs in the Province already and can provide you the letter of support.
I suggest that we formalize the support and collaboration through an MOU.
In the meantime it would be much better to send a profile and EOI from the foundation to me aa head of the Provincial Government so that we can commence to formalize the relationship.
God bless and thank you Sis.
John Oswald
International Committee

Rotary International & District 9780 Info

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