Upcoming Events
Joint meeting with Grovedale RC at Rice Village
Mercy Care Rice Village
Jan 16, 2019
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Torquay Rotary Book Fair
Torquay Scout Hall
Jan 24, 2019 8:00 PM –
Jan 27, 2019 4:00 PM
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Bulletin Editor
Greg "Plugga" Plumridge
President's Message
Trevor Pickles
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President's Report No 26
The Fish ‘n’ Chip night at Cosy Corner was a lot of fun as usual. We were again fortunate to have glorious weather for the event and I have to say – I thoroughly enjoyed the Magnum ice cream at the end!!
The second Nightjar Market parking project went well with almost another $1300 for the coffers – great work from the team on the night.

Once this year’s markets are over there will need to be some discussion regarding the changes in the scheduling.
For those of you who are Facebook you should have seen our two major events, the Book Fair and the Motor Show appear as Facebook Events during the past week. Hopefully you "Liked" the events, but more importantly if you could "Share" them then the reach will be exponentially greater to help promote and spread the word for these events.
Our esteemed Rotarian Mr John McDonald reached the ripe old age of 80 this week – on behalf of all Torquay Rotarians let me wish you a very happy birthday and hope there are many more to follow.
A reminder too that there is no meeting at the Lion’s Village this week as we will be having a joint meeting with Grovedale Rotary at Rice Village on WEDNESDAY evening, in Grovedale – please let Greg know your intentions through Whoozin?
The following Monday evening our General Meeting will follow the setting up of the Book Fair and will be at the Scout Hall – it is likely that a Board Meeting will follow that meeting.
Take care
A Great Night at Cosy Corner Fish & Chips

The 2019 Motor Show is nearly here

The 2019 Motor Show is now only weeks away on Sunday 10th Feb and we are calling for all the support we can get to assist with the many tasks on the day. If you have Friends, Neighbours or Family who can assist then please contact either Lesley Shedden on 0417112034, who is currently preparing the Event Roster or myself on 0418521321.
Please also advise if you have a preference for a particular task and we will endeavour to oblige.
Greg Plumridge
Book Fair Update - Shout-Out  for Help 

Book Fair        

Bags For Book Fair

We are seeking shopping bags for our Book Fair customers to put the books they purchase in.

If anyone has any shopping bags they no longer require, or would like to donate bags to be used at the book fair, please contact Rhonda.
You can either bring the bags along to Rotary on a Monday, or contact Rhonda to arrange a pick up.

We have a great start --- Kelly has very kindly donated 100 bags - Thanks Kelly!!

For further details please contact Rhonda on


or phone 0488 388 115

to advise your availability.



Michael reed



Who's Up To What
John McDonald received his OBE "Over Bloody Eighty" congratulations to John for this milestone event

Relay for Life 2019 
Relay for Life is on again Friday 15th  - Sat 16th March

I have called our team "Rotary Club of Torquay". That is the team name people will need to type in to the Relay for Life website to register themselves and others. It is important to type in the exact name of the team, no other combination of words.


I find the quickest way to access our team is to firstly register your name etc via the above "REGISTER NOW" link then click on "team search" to Join a Team and type in Rotary Club of Torquay.  


Cheers Darrel


BBQ's and Events updates


Please check the Book Fair Roster below to be sure of your commitments  


Sunday 20th January


 We will be moving books from storage at Rhonda Anchen’s to scout hall

all available members particularly with utes or trailers. 

Start time 10 am

Monday 21st January 


Start time  10 am  (normal rotary meeting will be held at the hall after to continue on set up )

Rhonda Anchen, Gail Chrisfield,Alan Anderson,Darrell Brewin,Terry Charlton,Neil Henderson,Maggie Isom,John McDonald,John Oswald,Mike Reed, Mal Slater, Trevor Hall, Garth Hammond

Tuesday 22nd January


Start time 10 am

Rhonda Anchen, Garth Hammond,Graham Gill,Geoff Dawson,Bruce Smith,Gail Chrisfield

Thursday 24th January

sales commence

10 am till 1 pm

Rhonda Anchen,Garth Hammond, Gaynor and Rudi Schols

1pm till 4pm

Chris Sims (door) ,Trevor Pickles, Amanda Hough,Maggie Isom

Friday 25th January


10 am till 1pm 

Rhonda Anchen,Garth Hammond,Kathryn McNamarra (door),Gail Chrisfield

1pm till 4 pm

Chris Sims(door),Graham and Helen Mc Donald,Maggie Isom

Saturday 26 th Januaty


10am till 1pm

Rhonda Anchen,Garth Hammond,Kathryn McNamarra (door),Graham and Helen McDonald

1 pm till 4 pm

Chris Sims (door), Robyn O’loughin, (NEED 2 MORE)

Sunday 27th January

Sales winding down to pack up and restore books left

10 am till 12 (sales)

Rhonda Anchen, Garth Hammond,Maggie Isom,Graham Gill

12 onwards (pack up)

Kelly Binyon,Terry Charlton,Gail Chrisfield,Trevor Hall,Neil Henderson,James Lloyd,David Mitchell,Bruce Smith,Robyn O’loughlin,Mike Reed,Leslie and Rob Shedden

If you can’t do your shift please arrange a swap and let me know 


Thanks Mal



….and of course please also check your calendar for the Night Jar Rosters to be held on the next Two Thursdays and NOTE that there will be NO 5th Night Jar on the 31st Jan so those who were rostered for that night will not be required.


These will be interspersed with the Book Fair and the Cadel Ride events as well


Please note that to avoid any confusion what was previously known  as the BBQ Roster has now been rebranded as the "Events" Roster. to reflect that it includes things like Night Jar Parking, the Book Fair etc.


I have also included the dates for the Cadel Evans race (we make $50 for each shift so please register under Rotary)


If you make any more swaps please let me know and I will update the roster which can be found in documents in club runner


To see the 2018-19 Events Roster  CLICK HERE


If you do  require to swap a date for any reason you will now need to find someone to do this with yourself. I would suggest that you send the request to Greg who has offered to advertise on a BBQ Roster Trading Post in the bulletin  


Mal Slater


Rotary International Conference - Hamburg 2019

Join Rotary President Barry Rassin at the 110th Rotary International Convention in Hamburg, Germany, 1-5 June 2019. The historic port city of Hamburg offers something for everyone. Germans call it “The Gateway to the World” — and the 2019 convention will be your gateway to the world of Rotary. At the convention, you’ll connect with people of action from across the globe while learning the latest news and strategies for keeping clubs strong.
As a past convention attendee, you know that every convention is an opportunity to learn. Not only will you be inspired by the energy and enthusiasm that surrounds you, you’ll also make new, unforgettable memories that can last a lifetime.
Join your Rotary friends in Hamburg at the 2019 Rotary Convention where together, we’ll Capture the Moment.

Share the excitement by downloading the promotional kit or by sharing the official promotional video to your social networks.
Rotary Global Rewards Program
Rotary Global Rewards, our member benefits program, offers discounts on products and services from local and global
merchants, along with opportunities to give back to Rotary. 

Over 33,000 members have signed in to use Rotary Global Rewards. To raise awareness of this program, you can:
  1. Recommend Rotary Global Rewards to all club members. They can visit from a computer or download the Rotary Club Locator App to use the program on mobile devices.
  2. Post a "Rewards" link to on your club and district websites. This gives members easier access to Rotary Global Rewards.
  3. Encourage club members to post offers on Rotary Global Rewards. 
  4. Suggest that club members help the program grow in their communities by asking local merchants to post offers. 
You can find instructional videos, how-to-guides, and promotional materials on the Rotary Global Rewards page of My Rotary.  If you have any questions about the program, write to 
VERY IMPORTANT - Whoozin The New Weekly Meeting Book-in System 

We are now fully operational with our new system for registering for our weekly dinner meetings. Called Whoozin, this program is used by other local Rotary Clubs with great success.
To make it easy for everyone I have prepared a Whoozin User Manual which is stored on Clubrunner under "Club Documents" that you will be able to print off if you wish.
In Summary the way it will work is:-
  • You will receive an initial email invitation each Monday for the following week's meeting.
  • You can immediately accept or decline, leave until later.
  • You will receive a reminder email on the Friday Prior
  • You will have until Midnight Sunday to register your RSVP and can change your decision right up until the closing time.
  • You can register up to 5 guests
  • You can specify any Special Dietary requirements
  • Please Note that if you do not register your intentions you will be charged for the dinner fee.
If you have any problems please free to contact myself Greg Plumridge 0418521321 or Michael Reed 0418524315 for details on how to work the program.
Future Meetings & Duty Roster

Weekly Assigned Duties:

 If you cannot meet one of your assigned duties, Please contact Bruce Smith to advise. 

 The duty team should arrive no later than 6:00 p.m.  Besides the below duties, the assigned team is responsible for Room Setup, Greeting Members and Guests, and Room Tidy at the end of our meeting - see checklist in storeroom or click here .






Duty Team






Event details

Mon 14th JanNO MEETINGDue  toJoint Meetingwith Grovedale onWed 16th Jan
Wed 16th JanCombinedMeetingwith Grovedaleat the Rotunda atRice Village
Mon 21st JanSet upFor TheBook FairTo be HeldAt the Scout Hall
Mon 28th JanNOMeetingAustralia DayHoliday 
Mon 4th FebMotor ShowCommittee  Final Instruction for Motor Show Volunteers














Dinner Meeting Registration & Apologies


Notifying someone about changes to your meeting attendance is your responsibility!
Our meetings have catered dinners, so if you are unable to attend a meeting, or if your partner is unable
to attend a designated Partner's Night, YOU MUST ADVISE us of your or your partner’s absence. 
This also applies if you are attending the meeting but not dining.
How to Book in for our Dinner Meeting?
For Members, Partners and guests of Members
  • you will receive email invitations to each meeting via Whoozin.
  • It will be your responsibility to RSVP using Whoozin by Midnight on the day prior to the meeting.
  • The only exception to this will be if you are expecting to be out of internet connectivity for an extended period. 
  • In this instance you can notify Richard Mierzejewski at LET Surfcoast on 03-5261 2777 by 4.00pm on the Saturday prior to the Monday Meeting.
  • Please Note there is NO Answering Service on this number.
  • Remember if you are bringing guests or your partner (to a non-partner night) you need to RSVP for the extra number of person/s who will be attending.
  • If no RSVP is registered as per the above process, the absentee member will be issued with an invoice to pay the Club the usual dinner fee of $25 for your non-attendance, and/or that of your partner if it is an official Partner's Night.
For Visitors to the Club
  • Any Visitors not being registered as a guest of a Member must call Richard Mierzejewski at LET Surfcoast on 03-5261 2777 to Book in.  RSVP's must be made no later than 4.00PM on the Saturday  prior to the Meeting
  • Please Note there is NO Answering Service on this number.
Rotary International & District 9780 Info
Rotary International President for 2018-19 is Barry Rassin from the Rotary Club of East Nassau
CLICK HERE to read more

District 9780 Governor for 2018-19 is Anthony Ohlsen from Rotary Club of Maryborough 
CLICK HERE to learn more about Anthony
To read District Governor Anthony No 2 July/August final Newsletter CLICK HERE
Rotary Down Under Oct 2018 Edition 610 CLICK HERE
District 9780 Directory 2018-19 (D9780 Rotarians Only)
Rotary Club of Torquay Annual Reports for 2017-18
<----- Click here  for the 2017-18 Annual Report Part A  
<----- Click here  for the 2017-18 Annual Report Part B (2016-17 Audited Financials)  
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