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Greg "Plugga" Plumridge

Dear Members

Well here we are then:
  • A new Rotary Year,
  • A new Rotary International President,
  • A new Rotary International theme, and
  • A brand new management team here at Torquay Rotary.
The new Rotary International theme for 2014 / 2015 is “LIGHT UP ROTARY”. 
In choosing this theme RI President Gary C. K. Huang was inspired by the teachings of Confucius who said: "It is better to light a single candle, than to sit and curse the darkness."
"There are so many problems in the world, so many people who need help. Many people say, 'There's nothing I can do.' So they sit there doing nothing. Meanwhile everything stays dark," he said.
"The Rotary way is the Confucius way. The Rotary way is to light a candle. I light one, you light one, 1.2 million Rotarians light one. Together, we light up the world," he said.
After announcing his theme Huang urged Rotarians to Light Up Rotary in the coming year by hosting a Rotary Day in their community and including local Rotaract and Interact members in their service projects.
A wise person once said that:
Over the coming weeks there will be changes to the way we operate.  Some will be subtle and others less so.  Some of these changes will be evident at weekly meetings.  However I will leave it up to the members of our new Management Team to tell you all about what is proposed.
In planning for this new Presidential year from an administrative perspective, I have settled on 4 main platforms for the operation of your management team
They are:
  • Specific ACCOUNTABILITY for our actions and decisions;
  • Improved TRANSPARENCY of management team activity for all Rotarians;
  • Sound CORPORATE GOVERNANCE practices in accordance with our legal requirements as an incorporated body; and
  • Maintenance of the SOCIAL FABRIC that binds us as a group of individuals together as Torquay Rotary.
Please remember that Torquay Rotary does not belong to the President, the management team or any individual Rotarian.  It belongs to all of the members collectively.  It is our collective responsibility to ensure that it continues to grow and prosper well into the future.  In that light I will be outlining some new membership initiatives over the coming weeks.
For the time being the plan is for us to continue using the meeting format that has been in use for the past year with some variations.  One such variation will be the reintroduction of retribution time.  I am sure that our brand new sergeant can elaborate on what that might entail. J  Now don’t expect it will be predictable, because it will happen when you least expect it.  So make sure you bring along your coin collection each week just in case you get caught out.  J
By now you may be thinking here we go again – more of the same.  When do I get a say in all of this? 
Well don’t despair.  No management team can operate successfully in a vacuum.  Later this calendar year I will be asking a “volunteer” to conduct a membership satisfaction survey on behalf of the management team.  At that time you will all be asked to answer a series of questions.  Your input will remain completely anonymous.  All data gathered will be collated and analysed with the results referred to the management team for consideration.  Watch this space in that regard.
Also I have been giving some consideration to the possibility of long term planning instead of the current arrangements which are essentially based around a single Rotary year.  It is only a thought bubble at this stage but just maybe Torquay Rotary could benefit from having a District representative help us conduct a visioning session some time in the second half of the Rotary year.  Such a process is designed to assist in the development of short, medium and long term goals.   Once again watch this space.  Of course if you have a particular interest in this topic then please let me know.
We all know that the Rotary International motto is Service Above Self.  I believe that the legacy of a retiring Rotary Club President is best measured by the state of health of the Rotary Club they leave behind and nothing else.  Projects come and go but if the social cohesiveness of the membership is found wanting then the future capacity of that group to continue assisting their community may suffer.  We all need to work on this aspect together.
You may find that my management style may well be different from that of my predecessors.  But please remember that I will always be available to discuss with you any issues that may arise, be that electronically or over coffee. 
Long ago a manager of mine used to say that his door was always open but that if you’re going to bring a problem through that door make sure you also bring some possible solutions to discuss. 
Gerard McNamara
President 2014 / 2015

The New Team for 2104-15

Big finish as another Rotary year comes to an end in Torquay at today's annual changeover of office bearers event. Retiring President Jeanette Crowther was presented with both a Presidential Citation and "Club Central" awards by Assistant Governor Ross Taylor. These awards recognise our Clubs achievements within Rotary District 9780. Gerard McNamara was then inducted as President for 2014-15 presented his management team to everyone present.
If you would like to view all of the photos from the function please CLICK HERE
So that you all know "who's who in the zoo" for this year here is a list of all office bearers on the new committee

President:                Gerard McNamara

Vice P :                     Peter Bollen

Secretary:                Lloyd James

Treasurer:                Michael Reed

Community:            Darrel Brewin

International:         Graham Gill

Club Service:           Jill Evans

Vocational:              Trevor Pickles

Youth:                       Jenny Oscar

President Elect:       Jill Evans

Imm. Past Pres.:      Jeanette Crowther

   In Memory

In recent weeks there has been sadness within our Club.
Firstly the passing of Trevor Pickles father Jack after an amazing 94 years of life. Then two weeks ago tragically Mary and Ken Elliott's Daughter Lindy also passed away. I am sure the entire club will join together to extend both family's our thoughts prayers and support at his difficult time.

Registrations for Parkinson’s Victoria A Walk in the Park 2014 on are now open!

Join us for a leisurely, non-competitive 4km walk, or 2km short-course, along Melbourne’s picturesque Yarra River and celebrate the lives of family and friends who have been touched by Parkinson’s.


To register visit or click here.

Once you have registered you will automatically be set up with a fundraising page.

To help us in reaching our fundraising target, everyone who reaches $25 will receive a limited edition A Walk in the Park 2014 t-shirt. If you are fundraising together as a family or group then the equivalent of $25 per member needs to be reached in order for all members to receive a limited edition A Walk in the Park 2014 t-shirt.




Weekly Assigned Duties:

 If you cannot meet one of your assigned duties, it is your responsibility to arrange for another member to take your place. 

 The duty team should arrive no later than 6:00 p.m.  Besides the below duties, the assigned team is responsible for Room Setup, Greeting Members and Guests, and Room Tidy at the end of our meeting - see checklist in storeroom or click here .





Duty Team














See Events for details


Mon 6 Jul      
Gaynor Scholls - ROMAC
Southern Region Chair
Mon 13 Jul      
 Senior Sargent Tony Francis
The Drug - ICE
Mon 20 Jul       TBN
Mon 27 Jul      


Please note The assigned Chairperson for the evening is responsible for writing a short review on the topic presented by the guest speaker of the night and for emailing the review to the Bulletin editor by noon of the following Wednesday



MEETING APOLOGIES are your responsibility...   

Our meetings have catered dinners, so if you are unable to attend a meeting, or if your partner is unable to attend a designated Partner's Night, YOU MUST ADVISE us of your absence.


There are two ways to do this:

1. filling out in advance the "Apology Book" that is available at each meeting,

2. telephone 03-5222-2022.   an answering service operates our of hours 

  • Apologies must be made no later than 9.00AM , on the Monday of the meeting (unless other arrangements were addressed in the Bulletin). 
  • NOTE an answering machine operates at all times
  • If no apology is recorded by that time, the absentee member willl be sent an invoice to pay the Club the dinner fee ($25) for your non-attendance, and/or that of your partner if it is an official Partner's Night.
  • REMEMBER on "Partners Nights" it is assumed that you partner IS attending unless you apologise for them!

Also note, if you are bringing a guest or partner (to a non-partner night), you need to notify us of the extra number of persons who are attending.


Note Change of time and day for Rotary Radio

Rotary Radio is on 94.7 the Pulse the first Tuesday of every month at 12-1.00 pm.

If you are having trouble getting to a radio to listen to Rotary Radio on a Tuesday, then you can subscribe to this program as a Podcast for free. You can then listen to the programs any time you wish. You can also listen to individual episodes?  If so then simply  Click Here and play the session you choose. 


This program is supported by the District Public Relations grant for all clubs in District 9780 to promote their projects.  Live streaming means that this can be listened to globally via your computer.  Click below to listen live....

Listen Live via the Internet

The program is intended to provide a platform for the Rotary clubs to present to the community the activities of Rotary. All clubs will be invited to to provide speakers and media releases for upcoming events.  Interviews can be conducted by telephone right across the district at NO charge to your club.
Meet District Governor Geoff James
Our new District Governor Geoff James & his wife Meryl, are members of the Rotary Club of Maryborough.  To read about their background and learn a little more about them, click on GET TO KNOW YOUR DISTRICT GOVERNOR in the section below
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