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Wear your Footy Colours Night
Torquay Hotel
Sep 25, 2023
6:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Dinner Meeting with PP Gary Newton and Polio Plus
Kithbrooke Park & Online
Oct 02, 2023
6:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Community Development via Torquay Community House
Kithbrooke Park & Online
Oct 09, 2023
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
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Lesley Shedden
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President's Message

Philip Beasley
member photo
Presidents Report 22nd September 2023
Hello Member and Friends 
You will remember that I have spoken at our meetings about Rotary Zone 8 Regionalisation Pilot. I also mentioned that one component of the Pilot is to establish Community Groups, where each club will determine what type of Community they wish to belong to.
The time has come for our Club to formally decide or determine the Community we wish to be part of. Secretary Allan and I received the following request this week, and we have until late October to advise of our decision.
In preparation for our discussions and ultimate decision, could I ask you to “click” on the link to the Creating Tomorrow website listed below, check out the presentation and familiarise yourselves with the concept of Community Groups and what it means for our Club.
Establishing Rotary Community Groups: Seeking your preferences! 
We have now reached the stage of the Regionalisation Pilot when we will establish Rotary Community Groups. A Rotary Community Group is a new way of grouping clubs to facilitate greater collaboration and deliver more specialised support to clubs.  
It is intended that the clubs within each Community Group will work closely together to increase their impact, retain and grow their membership, and build their public profile and brand.  
Each club can only submit one form, which is to be completed by the Club President or Secretary by the deadline on Sunday 29 October 2023 11:59pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)
The Regionalisation team coordinating Rotary Community Groups, in collaboration with your District leaders, will use the information provided by you in the form to group clubs. 
Once established, each Rotary Community Group will elect its own Rotary Community Leader. Rotary Community Leaders will personally provide support or access specialist support for the clubs in their group. 
Further information about how Rotary Community Leaders will be elected will be available once Rotary Community Groups have been formed. 
What we need to know 
To determine the best Rotary Community Group for your club, we need to know: 
The primary way you would like to be grouped with other clubs, based on commonalities such as geography, type of club (e.g. online club), or shared language (e.g. French).
Whether you would like to be part of a secondary grouping, which is an informal online network based on a shared interest.  
The main questions in the form are: 
What are the areas your club is most passionate about? 
What are your club's biggest strengths and challenges? 
What do you imagine your club could achieve with increased support and collaboration
What is your club's preferred primary way of being grouped with other clubs? 
Is your club interested in being part of a secondary grouping? If so, what shared interest would you like the group to be based around? 
We encourage you to hold a session with your club to discuss the above questions and seek your members’ views. We suggest you provide these questions to your club members before the session so they can think about them in advance. By consulting your club members, you will be able to fill out the club preferences form based on the views of the majority of your members. 
You are welcome to discuss your preferences with other clubs, but please note we do not require agreement amongst clubs before you submit the form. 
You can access the full questions included in the club preferences form in a printable and shareable document, as well as a presentation to help you discuss Rotary Community Groups with your club, here on the Creating Tomorrow website.

Frequently Asked Questions 
Q. Is there a minimum and/or maximum number of clubs that can be in a Rotary Community Group? 
A. No, but in the modelling for the Regionalisation Pilot Business Case, each Rotary Community Group would have on average between 12 and 25 clubs. However, there will be exceptions on a case-by-case basis. 
Q. If my club becomes part of a large Rotary Community Group, will we get less support than we do now? 
A. No. Along with Rotary Specialists and the Regional Council, Rotary Community Groups are designed to enhance the support available to clubs. Your Rotary Community Leader will work closely with you to increase your community impact, attract members, raise Rotary's profile and enhance member satisfaction. 
Q. What if a club doesn’t want to be part of a Rotary Community Group or doesn’t submit their club preferences form? 
A. All clubs will be allocated to a Rotary Community Group and have a Rotary Community Leader who will support them if and as needed. It is an important principle of the Regionalisation Pilot that no club is left behind. All clubs will, via their Rotary Community Leader, have access to the specialist resources that are a key part of the Regionalisation Pilot.
Clubs are autonomous and can choose how much they participate in their group. 
Q. Can my club be in a Rotary Community Group with neighbouring clubs in another District? 
A. Yes. All clubs will remain in their Districts, but the clubs within a Rotary Community Group can span more than one District. In such cases, their Rotary Community Leader would engage with the District Governors involved.  
Q. What if my club doesn’t want to change the group/cluster/area they are in now? 
A. You can let us know if you would prefer to be grouped with specific clubs in the club preferences form. We will do our best to accommodate club preferences, however, this an opportunity for clubs and groups of clubs to try a new way of operating to increase their impact, retain and grow their membership, and build their public profile and brand. 
Create Hope in the World
Philip Beasley
President 2023-24

Community Service


A big shout out to the volunteers who have been involved in recent activities, by all accounts it sounds like you have been working quite hard. I’m sure you will have enjoyed the social catch-up at the same time.

Volunteer Rosters

Bunnings Saturday 30th September
9:00 – 12:30
12:30 – 4:00
Gerard Hogan
Gerard McNamara
Linda Neale
John Oswald (also collecting food)
Phil Beasley
Marg McPherson
Lesley Shedden
Bruce Turner
Daryl Lee

Volunteers Required:

Cowrie Market – Sunday 15th October
Bunnings BBQ – Saturday 21st October
Please let Richard Hawker know if you are available to help out with either of these and if you have a time preference - phone 0407 610 414 or email
Any time you have available will be a great help so don’t hesitate to offer, even if it is only for an hour two. We can always slot volunteers in to times outside the listed shift time

Advanced request

Please nominate for any of the following BBQ commitments we have coming up. Indicate your availability by notifying Richard.
  • Cowrie Market BBQs on: Sunday 19th November 2023, Sunday 17th December 2023, Sunday 21st January 2024, Sunday 18th February 2024, Sunday 17th March 2024, Sunday 21st April 2024.
Bruce Turner
Director Community Service

Progress as Lese Oalai Village School

A 40 foot shipping container has now been successfully delivered to the school site with great fanfare and excitement. The container was full of school desks and chairs, primary school reading books, Days4Girls supplies and other items donated through DIK Geelong to be distributed to Lese Oalai and other villages in the Gulf Province. The container will then be converted into the first ever library for the school and is the first step in the program to redevelop the Lese Oalai school.
To give you some idea of the importance of this event. On arrival of the container:
  • the Catholic Parish Priest did the opening prayer before the container was opened
  • the PNG Education Inspection Officer gave permission for the school to be closed for the day, so that the teachers can concentrate on distribution of donations
  • 2 Police officers (called Peace Officers) were standing guard at the school entry gate and they were advised to only allow authorised people in
  • Thomas Kose (school maintenance personnel) unlocked the container seal in the presence of volunteers of The Peter N Loko Foundation, Karea Primary school teachers, Sikalu Elementary teachers, and elders of the Lese Oalai community
  • All recipient schools organised and paid for their own transport to take the donations back to their schools. Many of the highland villagers did this by canoe!
The pictures and the short video on this link will give you an idea of the importance of the work we are doing to assist these villagers to educate their children.
This component of the Lese Oalai school redevelopment program was an integrated international partnership with:
  • Australia High Commission PNG Direct Aid Program
  • RARE Southern DIK Geelong
  • Rotary Club of Boroko PNG
  • Rotary Club of Torquay
  • Rotary Club Bayside Geelong  
  • Kerema DDA PNG/Gulf Provincial Government PNG
  • The Peter Nathan Loko Foundation Inc. PNG
  • PNG Gulf Association of Queensland

Landcare Project

Torquay and Districts Landcare Group along with Boardriders held another planting day on Friday 22 September.
We were on hand to help provide lunch for the 50 volunteers who assisted with planting along Merrijig Creek, Bongongo.
Overall another successful and enjoyable day, completing work that commenced last year with ReWilding Freshwater Creek. It was a pleasure to be involved with such a positive and appreciative group of community members.

Future meetings 

September: Basic Education and Literacy
Mon 25 Sep
Footy Colours Social Night
N/A - informal
Torquay Hotel
October: Economic and Community Development
Mon 2 Oct
Business Excellence Awards
Trevor Hall
Kithbrooke Park & Online
Mon 9 Oct
Prue Challis: Community development via Torquay Community House
Rhonda Anchen
Kithbrooke Park & Online
Mon 16 Oct
Online Club meeting (and Board meeting)
President Phil
MS Teams
Mon 23 Oct
Club Assembly
President Phil
Kithbrooke Park & Online
Mon 30 Oct
Tour of Karaaf Wetlands & BBQ
Gerard Hogan
Point Impossible
November: Rotary Foundation
Mon 6 Nov
Melbourne Cup Eve Extravaganza
Neil Henderson
Mon 13 Nov
Rotary Foundation in Action
Lesley Shedden
Kithbrooke Park & Online
Mon 20 Nov
Online Club meeting (and Board meeting)
President Phil
MS Teams
Mon 27 Nov
Annual General Meeting
Allan Hillgrove
Kithbrooke Park & Online

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