Upcoming Events
Camp Quality - Guest Speaker Lacie Ryan
Lions Village Community Centre
Jul 09, 2018
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
The Rotarian Behind the Badge & Q & A on Rotary
Lions Village Community Centre
Jul 16, 2018
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Christmas in July at The Minya Winery
The Minya Winery
Jul 23, 2018
6:30 PM – 9:00 PM
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Bulletin Editor
Greg "Plugga" Plumridge
President's Message
Trevor Pickles
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President's Report No 1
Monday 2nd July
It was a fairly small meeting as some of our members attended Q&A live TV in Melbourne where Sarah Henderson was a panel member.
It was great to welcome Neil Henderson at our meeting again. Neil is about to go away for several weeks but will apply for membership when he returns.
Our speaker was Claire Dalton who told us about “Cows for Cambodia”, a charity run by Andrew “Cosi” Costello. More at
BNI donated more socks for the homeless- thanks to Kelly Binyon, who is our Clubs BNI representative.
Thanks to Greg Birchall who will take over the Battery Recycling Project from Rudi. This involves emptying the battery containers around Torquay at least monthly and driving them to North Geelong Recycling Centre.
Our Rotary District Environmental Chair, Eon Macauley, is organising the combined club tree planting on Sunday 26th August 2018 at Waurn Ponds Creek. If any members would like to help plant Rotary trees, please email Eon at
Some Rotarians and friends had a fantastic night at Oneday Winery on Friday partying with the fabulous music of Wilbur Wilde and the Troublemakers. Thanks to Greg Plumridge for organising this social night out.
Monday 9th July
Lacie Ryan will speak to us about “Camp Quality”
Past President Gaynor Schols
Chairman's Report


After thinking that Claire's presentation on 'Cows For Cambodia' was going to be an eye opener to us all, I actually lost count of the many other charities that Claire Dolton is involved in in Cambodia together with the fund-raising ideas that she & her husband, Gerry, have created such as skipping ropes of which I think we should all buy one for at least $1..that will come later..!
Cows for Cambodia is the creation & now organisation of a S.A by the name of ANDREW (Cosi) COSTELLO which is designed to provide the opportunity to break the poverty cycle. Cosi (as he is commonly known by) purchased his first cow for $751 and lent it to a family. “I thought I’d do one as a trial and if that was successful then I’d continue to grow it,” he said
Cows for Cambodia is essentially a 'COW BANK'  “We loan families a pregnant cow, they must look after it and when it has the baby they get to keep the baby and we take our cow back. It’s more about providing an opportunity to break the poverty cycle rather than a direct handout. Each family signs a contract to ensure our cow is looked after and strict rules are followed to ensure the best outcomes for all parties”
I might add that these cows are Immunised and vetted on a regular basis, so no room for neglect..!
Apart from 'Cows For Cambodia' there are the 140 goats that the villages look after, Duck farms are in process too, up to 40 ducklings are transported to villages where the families care for them.  Claire also enlightened us to the fact that Fish are being introduced as another source of welfare for these families in the form of 'Fingerlings' these, when fully grown and harvested are then transported by means of large esky's and taken to the local villages and schools as a means of a daily meal of fresh fish.
There's also the 'Rice Runs' which are literally 30kg rice bags that are purchased by means of donations of $30 and whoever donates that $30 gets to put a personal message on the bag itself and 5 Tut Tut's head out and deliver these bags to various villages, where the cows are fed the rice too.
The village schools are all run on a volunteer basis and the children get fed 'One' meal a day.  There are anything up to 400 children attending these schools which most are nothing but dirt floors and instead of blackboards there are 'White boards' that are actually 'Grey!' all stationary is donated and as you heard the other night Claire made a huge purchase of stationary such as, pens & pencils etc at Officeworks which they'll take over with them early next February on their Reunion trip.
There are just too many other projects going on to even get your head around but all are a necessity and a wonderful way to help these beautiful people get their lives back after the terrible way they were treated and are still suffering the consequences today.  But with our help maybe we can help change a family's life in the best possible way..?!!
Here is a list of donation values which represents the activities your donation could help support:
            Build a Cambodia family a house – $1900          Cow – $1000
            Feed 260 School kids $390                                    Build a duck farm – $250
            School excursion for 50 kids – $200                     Bag or Rice to feed a family for a month – $30
            Feeding a cow for a month – $30              Vaccinating & drenching a cow – $15
            Goat – $185
Jan Emmett


Walk In The Park
The Parkinsons  "A Walk in the Park" will be held on Sunday August 26th. Once again Pete's Pals will be participating in the Walk and you are invited to join them on the walk. Go to
for more details on the Walk or give me a call.
Alternatively if you are unable to join us on the Walk then you may like to sponsor our team and help us crack our $500 target. Sponsor Team Petes Pals Here
BBQ's yibbidah yibbidah.....that's all folks


Thanks to the team that manned the BBQ today at Bunnings

Today's BBQ receipts were $656.55 so great work everyone involved.


You can now put your feet up and enjoy your weekends for a while cos this will be our final BBQ until the 2018-19 Summer BBQ season begins with the Cowrie Market on 16th September..... that is of course unless Bunnings drop some extra's onto us before then. 

Travelling Rotarians

  Rob & Cas heading to Birdsville to the Big Red Bash …...1st Stop for Chocolate in Mildura
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

 Well some of us can even have fun without leaving home....Here's half the club at Oneday Estate making trouble and up close with Wilbur Wilde                                                             


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

       Mal & Debbie...guess where


Rotary Global Rewards Program
Rotary Global Rewards, our member benefits program, offers discounts on products and services from local and global
merchants, along with opportunities to give back to Rotary. 

Over 33,000 members have signed in to use Rotary Global Rewards. To raise awareness of this program, you can:
  1. Recommend Rotary Global Rewards to all club members. They can visit from a computer or download the Rotary Club Locator App to use the program on mobile devices.
  2. Post a "Rewards" link to on your club and district websites. This gives members easier access to Rotary Global Rewards.
  3. Encourage club members to post offers on Rotary Global Rewards. 
  4. Suggest that club members help the program grow in their communities by asking local merchants to post offers. 
You can find instructional videos, how-to-guides, and promotional materials on the Rotary Global Rewards page of My Rotary.  If you have any questions about the program, write to 
VERY IMPORTANT - Whoozin The New Weekly Meeting Book-in System 

We are now fully operational with our new system for registering for our weekly dinner meetings. Called Whoozin, this program is used by other local Rotary Clubs with great success.
To make it easy for everyone I have prepared a Whoozin User Manual which is stored on Clubrunner under "Club Documents" that you will be able to print off if you wish.
In Summary the way it will work is:-
  • You will receive an initial email invitation each Monday for the following week's meeting.
  • You can immediately accept or decline, leave until later.
  • You will receive a reminder email on the Friday Prior
  • You will have until Midnight Sunday to register your RSVP and can change your decision right up until the closing time.
  • You can register up to 5 guests
  • You can specify any Special Dietary requirements
  • Please Note that if you do not register your intentions you will be charged for the dinner fee.
If you have any problems please free to contact myself Greg Plumridge 0418521321 or Michael Reed 0418524315 for details on how to work the program.
Future Meetings & Duty Roster

Weekly Assigned Duties:

 If you cannot meet one of your assigned duties, Please contact Bruce Smith to advise. 

 The duty team should arrive no later than 6:00 p.m.  Besides the below duties, the assigned team is responsible for Room Setup, Greeting Members and Guests, and Room Tidy at the end of our meeting - see checklist in storeroom or click here .






Duty Team






Event details

Mon 2nd
Claire DaltonJan EmmettGarth HammondsGail ChrisfieldCows for Cambodia
Mon 9th
Lacie RyanKelly BinyonVern D'SouzaBruce SmithCamp Quality
Mon 16th Jultbn   Mystery Rotarian Behind the Badge + Q & A
Mon 23rd Jul Trevor Pickles  Christmas in July at The Minya Winery














Dinner Meeting Registration & Apologies


Notifying someone about changes to your meeting attendance is your responsibility!
Our meetings have catered dinners, so if you are unable to attend a meeting, or if your partner is unable
to attend a designated Partner's Night, YOU MUST ADVISE us of your or your partner’s absence. 
This also applies if you are attending the meeting but not dining.
How to Book in for our Dinner Meeting?
For Members, Partners and guests of Members
  • you will receive email invitations to each meeting via Whoozin.
  • It will be your responsibility to RSVP using Whoozin by Midnight on the day prior to the meeting.
  • The only exception to this will be if you are expecting to be out of internet connectivity for an extended period. 
  • In this instance you can notify Richard Mierzejewski at LET Surfcoast on 03-5261 2777 by 4.00pm on the Saturday prior to the Monday Meeting.
  • Please Note there is NO Answering Service on this number.
  • Remember if you are bringing guests or your partner (to a non-partner night) you need to RSVP for the extra number of person/s who will be attending.
  • If no RSVP is registered as per the above process, the absentee member will be issued with an invoice to pay the Club the usual dinner fee of $25 for your non-attendance, and/or that of your partner if it is an official Partner's Night.
For Visitors to the Club
  • Any Visitors not being registered as a guest of a Member must call Richard Mierzejewski at LET Surfcoast on 03-5261 2777 to Book in.  RSVP's must be made no later than 4.00PM on the Saturday  prior to the Meeting
  • Please Note there is NO Answering Service on this number.
Rotary International & District 9780 Info
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District 9780 Governor for 2018-19 is Anthony Ohlsen from Rotary Club of Maryborough 
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