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Aug 11, 2014
6:30 PM – 9:30 PM
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Bulletin Editor
Greg "Plugga" Plumridge

Healthy Together Geelong

We were pleased to welcome Chad Foulkes as our guest speaker, (via Jill Evans ), in his role of Coordinator of 'Healthy Together Geelong' - which is a 5 year State Govt initiative , running in 12 areas of Victoria, and 15 workers in his local group.
He was very passionate about his work with City of Greater Geelong ,(and previously been at SurfCoast Shire in Peter Bollens' time).
He is certainly being an eloquent advocate for changes in thinking and behaviours related to health- sun awareness, eating behaviours and fitness and activity eg. School routes/ transport options to aid activity.
His group is looking for ways to facilitate long term changes in attitudes and policies and education towards healthy choices. They are working with Kinders, long Day Care,  180

Secondary Schools, and Workplaces- including the Council run Pools and the Arena, with an example of the logistics of successfully providing 'healthy only' options at Lara , now other Council managed pool canteens.

 He challenged us to be proactive advocates of healthy behaviour changes to our workplaces and families...

Presidents Report

Well how time flies, August is already with us!  Firstly thank you to Peter Bollen for standing in for me in my absence last week while I attended the Group 9 & 10 Presidents' meeting in Geelong. 


Matters of interest from that meeting include two fund raisers being organised by the Rotary Club of Ocean Grove.  The first is a Supper Dance in Geelong which has already been publicised in our Bulletin.  The second is an event billed as "Ride the Bellarine".  It was described to me as a fun run but on a bicycle.  It is scheduled for a few weeks after Easter 2015.  Our representative on the organising committee is Greg Plumridge.  No doubt we will hear more about his event as time goes on. 


I also attended a meeting of the local High Tide Festival organising committee.  This event is scheduled for 6th December this year.  Our involvement is likely to include bbq catering again.  We are also confirmed for parking attendant duties at the upcoming Nightjar Markets.  These are due to commence on Thursday 1st January 2015. 

After dinner our speaker was Chad Foulkes from Healthy Together Geelong.  Chad's title in the organisation is that of Coordinator Healthy Communities.  For those of you who want to find out more about Healthy Together Geelong activity here is the url: Chad spoke about nutritional and environmental issues that have an effect on community life. 


Next week is our first Fireside Chat event for some time so enjoy the conviviality.  The general theme for discussion at these meetings relates to membership recruitment.  I am interested in your thoughts about what strategies we can employ to recruit new members.  I would like someone at each dinner to note down in point form any suggestions regarding recruitment strategies.  We can then discuss the combined list at a future Club meeting. 


That's all for now.


Yours in Rotary Service,


Gerard McNamara



As one of the members of the ROMAC Board, Gaynor attended an interview on for an ongoing news article being run on SBS.  The first instalment was run on the SBS  news programme on Friday evening  8 Aug 2015.

Unfortunately s interview wasn’t shown, however she was shown in the background during this news report.

The news article relates to a girl (Linda do Vo) from Vietnam with large vascular malformation of the face (see picture attached).  ROMAC has sponsored her for surgery and recovery here in Australia.

Future SBS news reports are planned and will follow the actual operation by a team of 26 specialists, her recovery and return home.

The 10-12 hour surgery is being performed as I type this email.


Following is a link to the SBS news report on Friday (last night);-


Your intrepid reporter shall try to keep you posted of future developments.

Do you have an? interesting Hobby

Our Vocational Service Director, Trevor Pickles, is looking for those RETIRED members who have an interesting hobby, what he calls your 'Retiree Vocation'.
It could be anything - Underwater Basket Weaving,  Duct Tape Art, Handcuff Collecting or even Javelin Catching (see attached pic), doesn't matter.
Talk to Trev so he can book you in!
A presentation of say 1/2 hour would be ideal.


Alan D.Shaw Music Award


Surfcoast Art Trail


Gaynor and I have 4 pieces of our art displayed (for sale) at the Spring Creek Community House (Price Street), which along with many art studios/galleries  is running the “Surfcoast Arts Trail” this weekend.

To download the Surfcoast Art Trail Map and find more details CLICK HERE


Rotary Voices, Posted on July 11, 2014 by Rotary International

By Bill Wittich, past president of the Rotary Club of Laguna Sunrise, Elk Grove, California, USA

Those who know me call me the Starbucks Guy! That is because I spend way too much time and money in my local Starbucks. But the truth is Starbucks is my best location for attracting new Rotary members.

Let me give you an example of a recent Sunday. My wife, Ann, and I are both Rotarians and we enjoy our tall Skinny Mochas. So sitting there we watched a young woman arrive with her computer and she was dressed for business. Both of us asked the question, "Is she a possibility for Rotary?"

Bill Wittich with a cup

of his favorite brew.

Well, she looked like a Rotarian. You know what that means. She was a young business woman and seemed friendly at that. I asked my wife which of us should talk to her about Rotary and she said that she found the last one, so it was my turn.

I simply approached her and asked "why are you not a Rotarian?" She smiled and said that she had heard of Rotary but really did not know exactly what they did or were. I gave her a copy of our club flyer and invited her to be our guest for breakfast at the country club next week. I asked her for her e-mail address and told her she would be receiving our club newsletter later that day.

Basically, we were starting to build a slow, but friendly, relationship with her and simply invited her to breakfast. The next Wednesday morning, guess who showed up at our Rotary club meeting?

All we did was to be aware of who was enjoying our morning Starbucks with us and we just offered them an opportunity to network with the movers and shakers in our town. At the meeting, she heard about all those service projects that our club is doing, and her eyes lit up. Well the following week, we had a new excited Rotarian who told us that prior to our visit at Starbucks, she had never understood what Rotary was or did.

I guess the key to membership is to ask.

District 9780 is holding a Supper Dance for World Peace please read the flyer below or contact President Gerard for more details


If you can't make it to walk with Team "Bollen's Babes" on Sunday 31st don't stress you can still Sponsor Pete and his Team! To go to the website to sponsor Pete CLICK HERE



Registrations for Parkinson’s Victoria A Walk in the Park 2014 on are now open!

Join us for a leisurely, non-competitive 4km walk, or 2km short-course, along Melbourne’s picturesque Yarra River and celebrate the lives of family and friends who have been touched by Parkinson’s.


To register visit or click here.

Once you have registered you will automatically be set up with a fundraising page.

To help us in reaching our fundraising target, everyone who reaches $25 will receive a limited edition A Walk in the Park 2014 t-shirt. If you are fundraising together as a family or group then the equivalent of $25 per member needs to be reached in order for all members to receive a limited edition A Walk in the Park 2014 t-shirt.




Geelong Small Business Festival


12 months ago, our club moved to 'Xero', a 'Cloud Accounting' software program.

During the month of August, there is the Geelong Business Festival.

Genevieve Sutherland, our Xero trainer and mentor, is holding a business development workshop on the 30th August, as part of this festival.

Genevieve has asked me to pass this on to all members, and encourage anyone interested to attend.

Please  CLICK HERE for the details      

Thanks, Michael

Meet DGN Stephen Lamont

Have you ever wondered just how a Rotarian like yourself evolves into a District Governor?
Well our recently retired Assistant Governor Tony Stewart, who is also a member of the District 9780 Public Relations Committee, has introduced a new medium with which it is hoped to continue to spread the Rotary message following on from the achievements of Rotary Radio.
In the very first Podcast for "Rotary Conversations" Tony has recorded a frank interview with District Governor Nominee Stephen Lamont. You will need a spare 15 minutes to listen to the interview however I am sure you will find very enlightening, inspiring and an opportunity to know more about our DG for 2016-17.
CLICK HERE to listen to the interview  (Please Note:- you may need to view this bulletin in your web browser to see the link  below)
            DGN Stephen & Gaye Lamont
Not all of us were able to make the trek to District Changeover in June, however I am sure that members of our Club would prefer not to have to wait until DG Geoff's Club visit on 6th October to get to know more about him and his vision for District 9780.
........well  thanks to District Media Guru Tony Stewart and modern technology you can hear DG Geoff James acceptance speech by CLICK HERE or follow the link below (Please Note:- you may need to view this bulletin in your web browser to see the link below)

Weekly Assigned Duties:

 If you cannot meet one of your assigned duties, Please contact Jill Evans to advise. 

 The duty team should arrive no later than 6:00 p.m.  Besides the below duties, the assigned team is responsible for Room Setup, Greeting Members and Guests, and Room Tidy at the end of our meeting - see checklist in storeroom or click here .





Duty Team






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Mon 11 Aug
      Fireside Chat Night please RSVP via Clubunner
Mon 18 Aug
Stan Rogers
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Johnathon Clark - Geelong Foodbank
Mon 25 Aug
Brian Mynott
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LLoyd James Gayle Evans TBN


Please note The assigned Chairperson for the evening is responsible for writing a short review on the topic presented by the guest speaker of the night and for emailing the review to the Bulletin editor by noon of the following Wednesday



MEETING APOLOGIES are your responsibility...   

Our meetings have catered dinners, so if you are unable to attend a meeting, or if your partner is unable to attend a designated Partner's Night, YOU MUST ADVISE us of your absence.


There are two ways to do this:

1. filling out in advance the "Apology Book" that is available at each meeting,

2. telephone 03-5222-2022.   an answering service operates our of hours 

  • Apologies must be made no later than 9.00AM , on the Monday of the meeting (unless other arrangements were addressed in the Bulletin). 
  • NOTE an answering machine operates at all times
  • If no apology is recorded by that time, the absentee member willl be sent an invoice to pay the Club the dinner fee ($25) for your non-attendance, and/or that of your partner if it is an official Partner's Night.
  • REMEMBER on "Partners Nights" it is assumed that you partner IS attending unless you apologise for them!

Also note, if you are bringing a guest or partner (to a non-partner night), you need to notify us of the extra number of persons who are attending.


Note Change of time and day for Rotary Radio

Rotary Radio is on 94.7 the Pulse the first Tuesday of every month at 12-1.00 pm.

If you are having trouble getting to a radio to listen to Rotary Radio on a Tuesday, then you can subscribe to this program as a Podcast for free. You can then listen to the programs any time you wish. You can also listen to individual episodes?  If so then simply  Click Here and play the session you choose. 


This program is supported by the District Public Relations grant for all clubs in District 9780 to promote their projects.  Live streaming means that this can be listened to globally via your computer.  Click below to listen live....

Listen Live via the Internet

The program is intended to provide a platform for the Rotary clubs to present to the community the activities of Rotary. All clubs will be invited to to provide speakers and media releases for upcoming events.  Interviews can be conducted by telephone right across the district at NO charge to your club.
Meet District Governor Geoff James
Our new District Governor Geoff James & his wife Meryl, are members of the Rotary Club of Maryborough.  To read about their background and learn a little more about them, click on GET TO KNOW YOUR DISTRICT GOVERNOR in the section below
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