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Presidents Report


Last week was another excellent meeting with a very good speaker who enlightened those present with his presentation on the operations of the Geelong Foodbank.  On another matter we are still having trouble giving reasonably precise information to our caterer regarding the number of meals to prepare.  Remember it is every members responsibility to provide advice regarding their attendance.  If we don't hear from you then it is presumed that you will require a meal.  A simple phone call can resolve this. The arrangements for notification have been revised so PLEASE read the relevant part of the Club Bulletin.  If you don't advise and a meal is prepared then you may well be invoiced for the relevant amount.

Yours in Rotary Service
Gerard McNamara

Jonathon Clark - Geelong Food Bank

Guest Speaker:  Jonathon Clark, Founder and CEO – Geelong Food Bank.
For personal commitment, sacrifice and community service, what an inspiration Jonathon Clark is.
He spoke about;
  • Founding the Geelong Food Bank three and a half years ago,
  • - Its progressive development and growth,
  • - The very high need for donated meals in our region,
  • - He and his staff working on a totally voluntary basis,
  • - The Geelong Region being the most philanthropic region in all Australia,
  • - Total absence of financial grants or support from Government,
  • - Potential for hugely increased demand should dole qualification periods be implemented.
    His operation is supported by Rotary clubs and other individuals and organisations and is most worthy of consideration for further support. Jonathon previously worked in consultancy to Government and others. He founded the Geelong Food Bank with the primary purpose of feeding the large number of children who for various reasons were at risk and/or inadequately fed.
    His vision was to;
    -  build a kitchen to feed children,
    -  teach parents about food preparation (Jonathon has previously worked as a chef),
    -  Teach parents how to appropriately feed their children.
    The Geelong Food Bank delivers up to 8,000 meals a week to around 6,000 “lost people”.
    The area covered is from Lara to the Bellarine Peninsular, the Great Ocean Road and Colac.
    In addition to children meals are provided to refugees, detainees and others disadvantaged.
    The operation has grown from a facility of six to 600 square metres over the three and a half years.
    Food supply to the Food Bank is primarily from the State Food Bank and other food companies.
    Distribution is via welfare agencies such as The Salvation Army and Churches to schools etc.
    Jonathon estimates that of all the meals distributed only 10 to 20% would not be required if families adequately budgeted.
    Jonathon’s presentation absorbed our members and outlined an operation which is very deserving of all support which can be provided.
    Thanks to Jonathon for his support to our community and for educating us on the Geelong Food Bank he initiated and directs.
    Brian Mynott



Notifying someone about changes to your meeting attendance is your responsibility!
Our meetings have catered dinners, so if you are unable to attend a meeting, or if your partner is unable to attend a designated Partner's Night, YOU MUST ADVISE us of your or your partner’s absence.  This also applies if you are attending the meeting but not dining.
There are two ways to do this, either record the information in advance in the "Apology Book" that is available at each meeting or telephone 03-5222-2022.  An answering service operates out of hours.
  • All apologies must be made no later than 9.00AM on the Monday of the meeting (unless other arrangements were addressed in the Bulletin). 
  • If no apology is recorded by that time, the absentee member will be issued with an invoice to pay the Club the dinner fee of $25 for your non-attendance, and/or that of your partner if it is an official Partner's Night.
  • REMEMBER on "Partners Nights" it is assumed that you partner IS attending unless you apologise for them!
Remember if you are bringing guests or your partner (to a non-partner night) you need to notify us of the extra number of persons who will be attending.
Absence on travel is not an excuse.  It must be recorded beforehand in the “Apology Book”.    
District 9780 is holding a Supper Dance for World Peace please read the flyer below or contact President Gerard for more details


If you can't make it to walk with Team "Bollen's Babes" on Sunday 31st don't stress you can still Sponsor Pete and his Team! To go to the website to sponsor Pete CLICK HERE



Registrations for Parkinson’s Victoria A Walk in the Park 2014 on are now open!

Join us for a leisurely, non-competitive 4km walk, or 2km short-course, along Melbourne’s picturesque Yarra River and celebrate the lives of family and friends who have been touched by Parkinson’s.


To register visit or click here.

Once you have registered you will automatically be set up with a fundraising page.

To help us in reaching our fundraising target, everyone who reaches $25 will receive a limited edition A Walk in the Park 2014 t-shirt. If you are fundraising together as a family or group then the equivalent of $25 per member needs to be reached in order for all members to receive a limited edition A Walk in the Park 2014 t-shirt.




Are you interested in volunteering for a District Committee?

Would you like to join the District Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (aka RYLA) Committee?  You would only have to attend 4 meetings per year.  If the answer is yes then please contact  PP Barry Burnett by email at

Do you have an? interesting Hobby

Our Vocational Service Director, Trevor Pickles, is looking for those RETIRED members who have an interesting hobby, what he calls your 'Retiree Vocation'.
It could be anything - Underwater Basket Weaving,  Duct Tape Art, Handcuff Collecting or even Javelin Catching (see attached pic), doesn't matter.
Talk to Trev so he can book you in!
A presentation of say 1/2 hour would be ideal.


Geelong Small Business Festival


12 months ago, our club moved to 'Xero', a 'Cloud Accounting' software program.

During the month of August, there is the Geelong Business Festival.

Genevieve Sutherland, our Xero trainer and mentor, is holding a business development workshop on the 30th August, as part of this festival.

Genevieve has asked me to pass this on to all members, and encourage anyone interested to attend.

Please  CLICK HERE for the details      

Thanks, Michael

Weekly Assigned Duties:

 If you cannot meet one of your assigned duties, Please contact Jill Evans to advise. 

 The duty team should arrive no later than 6:00 p.m.  Besides the below duties, the assigned team is responsible for Room Setup, Greeting Members and Guests, and Room Tidy at the end of our meeting - see checklist in storeroom or click here .





Duty Team






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Please note The assigned Chairperson for the evening is responsible for writing a short review on the topic presented by the guest speaker of the night and for emailing the review to the Bulletin editor by noon of the following Wednesday

Not all of us were able to make the trek to District Changeover in June, however I am sure that members of our Club would prefer not to have to wait until DG Geoff's Club visit on 6th October to get to know more about him and his vision for District 9780.
........well  thanks to District Media Guru Tony Stewart and modern technology you can hear DG Geoff James acceptance speech by CLICK HERE or follow the link below (Please Note:- you may need to view this bulletin in your web browser to see the link below)
Meet District Governor Geoff James
Our new District Governor Geoff James & his wife Meryl, are members of the Rotary Club of Maryborough.  To read about their background and learn a little more about them, click on GET TO KNOW YOUR DISTRICT GOVERNOR in the section below
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