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All members are welcome and encouraged to attend but it is essential that the incoming board members attend. This a great opportunity to learn more about Rotary and network with your fellow Rotarians.


The venue this year will be MARIAN COLLEGE, 304 Barkly St ARARAT.

Registration is at 9.30am and we should finish around 3.30pm


The Program we have put together for you this year is intended to provide maximum opportunity for incoming Presidents and Board Members, as well as new and interested Rotarians, to participate in a wide  range of sessions of their choice.  A brand new session on community needs analysis (shown as Foundation afternoon session)  will be run by Howard Randall.
For those Rotarians that would like to network with others across the District while learning new and innovative ways to tackle some of the priorities and goals for their Rotary Club, come to Assembly at Ararat.  In the break-out sessions you will learn how to
  • improve the appeal of your Club to a diverse range of prospective members as well as existing members 
  • promote what you do in an interesting and appealing ways to both existing and possible new members 
  • get some ideas about how to be a great Secretary or Treasurer for your Club;
  • learn about programs to assist our youth to develop their leadership and other skills and to explore options for their future lives
  • Gain a better understanding of our Rotary insurance cover and how to protect your Club and your Members
  • Qualify your Club to apply for District and Global grants
  • Learn how to assess the needs of a community to help strengthen your grant application(s) and better focus the services you provide to the community - whether it be local or overseas
  • Get a better understanding of Rotary and all it does, if you are a new Rotarian or just interested in keeping up with the latest offerings.
The Break Out Session selections include:
  • President Elects  (this session will include a brief Insurance component)
  • President Nominees (Part of this session will be with PEs - the insurance component)
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Foundation - Grants Qualifying Course
  • Public Image Part 1 (Social media, RI Brand Centre, People of Action Campaign, Planning Public Image projects and events)
  • New Members
  • Insurance
  • Youth Services and Programs
  • Foundation - Community Needs Analysis
  • Membership Development
  • Public Image Part 2 (Hands on look at District website and ClubRunner website for Clubs)
  • Visioning and Strategic Planning

Register now so you can get into the workshop sessions of your choice.


Please be aware that your Registration Fee will be reimbursed by our Club upon providing Treasurer John McDonald with your payment advice.




We will arrange car pooling once we establish who is attending.


Kelly Binyon (President Elect)